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Our product information of surface tensiometer, interface tensiometer, contact angle meter, interface rheometercleanness analyzer by various kinds of measure method such as pendant drop, sessile drop, spinning drop, weigh based method, etc.
Spinning Drop Interfacial Tensiometer
  products Spinning Drop Interfacial Tensiometer
  model TX500C
  Description Spinning drop interfacial tensiometer model TX500C is basic type of spinning drop interfacial tensiometer and can be independently operated or controlled by software with measurable interfacial tension value down to 10-6mN/m
overview Application Feature Specification

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Spinning drop interfacial tensiometer model TX500C is entry-level and basic type from USA KINO, which adopts such technologies as removable and both-ends-fixed sample tube sampling mode (RBSM), full-self-sealed quartz glass tube (FSGT) and build-in heating system. The instrument can be independently controlled via control panel or controlled by software, which are both simple and comfortable to operate. It is used to measure interface tension down to 10-6mN/m for analysis of dynamic interface tension, interface rheology and interfacial viscosity (oscillating drop method), surface elasticity, relaxation study, etc. It can be applied in fields of personal care product, tertiary oil recovery, micro emulsion, surfactant and more.

 spinning drop interfacial tensiometer interface tension meter for measurement of interface tension

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