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Interfacial rheology measurement of surfacant using oscillating drop method by drop shape analysis software

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Thanks for faster calculating speed of ADSA (Max speed is about 20FPS), we can use drop shape analysis system such as contact angle meter model SL200K series or contact angle meter model C60 series to measure interfacial rheology between liquid-gas (surface tension) or liquid-fluid (interfacial tension). Surface rheological analysis is main method to measure interface-related rheological quantities such as the storage modulus (modulus of elasticity) E' and the loss modulus (modulus of viscosity) E''. These scientific results provide information on the mobility of surfacant and enable conclusions to be drawn relating to the stability behavior of emulsions and liquid foams. We used piezoelectric pump to generate oscillating drop. In this video, frequency of generator is about 2Hz and we have changed waveform of oscillating drop in Sine, Rectagle and SRS-Signal. All measured values and captured images of drop are recorded and managed by CAST3 and can be exported into AVI file. We can also use this meter to measure dynamic surface or interface tension by relaxation mode following the instant increase/decrease of the drop volume( expansion and relaxation behavior of a suddenly enlarged drop) (Expanding Drop Module or Contracting Drop Module) .Visit to find more information about KINO's contact angle meter (contact angle goniometer) or surface tensiometer. Contact us for experiment data processing templates for interfacial rheology and expanded / contracted drop (origin graph templates).


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