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Optical contact angle meter measure drop adsorbing and dynamic contact angle of fiber

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Generally, supplier of commercialized contact angle meter will suggest you to choose surface tensiometer and use Washburn method to measure water adsorbing of fiber. But, in practical application, due to the updated speed of balance (Sartorius's balance is 12 data/s and MTs is 92data/s.) and the result of contact angle by Washburn method has no comparability with the result from the Optical contact angle meter. So, KINO will suggest you choose optical contact angle meter with high speed camera (400-2000FPS) to measure drop adsorbing and contact angle VS time. 

Due to  surface roughness, chemical diversity and heterogeneity of the surface of fiber, we will not use contact angle goniometer with circle, ellipse or tangent method, or Young-Laplace Equation fitting method, because circle ftting, ellipse fitting and tangent method is just a geometric value of goniometer and has nothing to do with the surface chemistry. And the measured value by these method has no repeatability and Comparability. So, only contact angle meter with Young-Laplace equation fitting method is real contact angle meter. But the biggest flaw of Young-Laplace equation fitting method and ADSA-P is that it cannot be used to measure contact angle  of nonaxisymmetric drop shape. Now, only ADSA-RealDrop method can measure nonaxisymmetrical drop shape and calculate the intrinsic contact angle.

We used optical contact angle meter model SL200KS and  was equipped with high speed camera with speed 162-3400FPS to measure drop adsorbing and dynamic contact angle vs time. And we recognized  the difference between several samples by the adsorbing curve and Initial Contact Angle.

contact angle of super hydrophilic surface

  Initial Contact Angle
15 43.43705975
2 53.41426472
10 57.30126616
20 69.90070079
5 74.92527478


1, dynamic pictures of the sample blank

dynamic contact angle of fiber

2, dynamic pictures of the sample 2

dynamic contact angle by contact angle meter

3, dynamic pictures of the sample 5

dynamic contact angle by contact angle meter

4, dynamic pictures of the sample 10

dynamic contact angle of fiber

5, dynamic pictures of the sample 15

dynamic contact angle meter

6, dynamic pictures of the sample 20

contact angle meter for measuring dynamic contact angle of fiber

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