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brochure: contact angle meter and interface tensometer SL200K series

Contact angle meter and interfacial tensiometer model SL200 , is professional interface chemical analysis system based on drop shape analysis with standard equiped rotation system and auto direct syringe pump, applicable to measure dynamic& static contact angle, surface free energy and its distribution

SL200K series contact angle meter for contact angle measurement, developed by USA KINO in terms of its long-term experience, are standard drop shape analysis based interface chemical analysis instruments. Their modularized design makes tens of thousands of possible different combinations available, which is undoubtedly your above-all choice for the high precision and accuracy in interface chemical analysis. The integrated instrument consists of sophisticated optical mechanism, optical imaging system, high-precision deposition system as well as CAST®2.0-USA KINO's professional interface chemical analysis software. SL200K series are applicable to measure static/dynamic contact angle, surface free energy of solid and its distribution (dispersive force, polar force and hydrogen bond force, etc.),interface tension of liquid-gas/liquid-liquid as well as interface viscidity & elasticity of liquids (oscillating and expanding drop), etc. We provide clients cost-effective instruments with best performance - the most professional contact angle meters & interface tensiometers and technical assurance in R&D and quality control.

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