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Drop shape analysis software CAST3 Ver for contact angle meter

New update of drop shape analysis software CAST3.0 for USA KINO's contact angle meter /contact angle goniometer and interface tensiometer, includes:

1, supporting of Windows10 and multi-touch gestures:

Advanced software for contact angle meter -CAST3.0 can carry out measurement and control motor by multi-touch gestures.

- Double click  the screen with two fingers, it will carry out auto-dosing and transferring drop to the surface of sample.  

- Sliding left - right side with one or two finger to moving sample stage

- Slinding up-down side with one finger to dosing or sucking the liquid

- Sliding up-down side with two finger to moving needle down or up to transfer drop to the surface of sample

- Circling left and right side to rotating sample stage for advanced and receded contact angle

- Slide at live image window to moving objects such as base line or points when they are selected

- Double click at the image window to start or pause the measurement

And We are the first software which supports multi-touch gestures in the world. 

2, Modified the speed control of dosing system. Adding 500uL, 1000uL and special disigned syringe into syringe database.

3, Corrected some bugs of software.

Please be noted that password must be needed when you try to setup the file or open the file. Please contact us for it.



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