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New Video of entry type surface tensiometer model A3

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Entry type surface tensiometer model A3 made by USA KINO. Visit to find more information about our meter. This meter can be used to measure surface tension between liquid-gas or interfacial tension between liquid-fluid, and it can also be used to measure density of liquid and solid or can be used as a balance. This video shows to you most of these functions. And even more, it only costs you about 2,000-2,500 USD! A most competitive price with more funtions! Thank for its sensor -balance, it can provide higher precision than others such as fisher's tensiometer that used torque force. In this video, We also show you how to measure surface tension for a small volume of sample (about 1mL) to avoid the weakness of Wilhemy plate method that it need a large volume of sample to measure surface tension.



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