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Contact angle meter software (drop shape analysis system) from different companies

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In this video, we show you four different drop shape analysis softwares for measurement of contact angle, surface tension between liquid-gas or interfacial tension between liquid-fluid system from four different companies includes KINO, Kruss, attension and dataphysics. In order comparing from each other, we measured surface tension of water-gas under temperature about 29℃ whose referring value is about 71.35mN/m, and we measured contact angle between water and LCD with coating. You can found out that measured values from each company are a little different but almost same as each other. But, conveniences of operation process and result (data and image) for application is not same. It is obviously operation of drop shape analysis software from KINO is more convenient with reliable value of surface tension and contact angle when using Young-Laplace equation fitting method (ADSA-Realdrop). A good software for measurement of contact angle or surface tension may include reliable algorithm and more method for calculating contact angle or surface tension, auto fitting drop shape, auto capturing drop image and saving it into HDD, auto finding base line and curved base line, must providing Young-Laplace equation fitting method for calculating contact angle and surface tension, managing system for measured data and captured image. visit to find more information.

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