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KINO invented a new tool:3D contact angle meter to character contact angle hysteresis

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KINO invented a new tool for measurement of contact angle : 3D contact angle meter for the first time in the world and it has applied for a patent in China. During our saling contact angle meter and helping our customer to measure contact angle, we find out that measuring 2D contact angle is not enough to character surface chemistry property of the solid sample especially for hydrophobic surface. Due to its chemically heterogeneous, physical structure at nano scale and cleanness of sample surface, shape of drop rarely is circle like or ellipsoid like. Contact angles at left side and right side at 2D are always not same. So, 3D contact angle is necessary to character the proper  surface chemistry property. And it is very useful tool to measure  contact angle hysteresis.

1, video one: 3D contact angle meter measuring contact angle of rice leaf to character chemically heterogeneous

In this video, we show you a new function contact angle meter: 3D contact angle meter. It can show you how to character chemically heterogeneous of rice leaf by measuring contact angle of rice leaf by rotating sample stage horizontally with 360°. USA KINO is the first company in the world who provide this function to measure contact angle by different directions. And by ADSA-RealDrop method, you can easy to measure contact angle of non-axisymmetric drop shape. In video, we can find out from some directions there exists some structures which influences the contact angle of rice leaf. And contact angle from different directions will change from 142°-144° for rice leaf. Visit to find more information about our contact angle meter and surface tensiometer.

2, video two :3D contact angle meter with rotating sample stage horizontally with 360°

For almost all sample, contact angle by view of one direction and by other directions by rotating sample horizontally cannot be same. It is because your sample may have special structure or there exists chemistry  heterogeneous at your sample. Our specific designed sample stage with rotating stage horizontally with 360° can meet this measurement of contact angle. And from video, you can find out that it is your best solution for measuring contact angle by directions with 360°. It can be used to character chemistry  heterogeneous And more important thing is calculating method for contact angle which we named as ADSA-RealDrop. It is really efficient and robust method for measuring contact angle with non-axisymmetric drop shape. Visit to find more information about our contact angle meter, contact angle goniometer and surface tensiometer.

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