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KINO has developed a contact angle meter with four dosing system

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KINO has developed a contact angle meter with four dosing system for measurement and analysising the cleanness of LCD or wafer.  This technology has been applied for a patent in China.

You can get 8 values of contact angle at once from one image by our contact angle meter. You can decide the cleanness of LCD of wafer by one image from the difference of four contact angles. If the value is different from each other higher than your application such as 4-8 degress, you can get a conclusion that this sample is not clean. And yes, you can decide the cleanness of your  sample by one drop using our Young-Laplace equation fitting method (non-axisymettric method, fitting the each sides of drop shape separately), if contact angle of one side is higher than other one such as 4 degress, it means your sample is not clean. So,  by using both of these two way, you can:

1, deciding the cleanness more quickly;

2,measuring and getting more value of contact angle by one image to improve efficiency;

contact angle meter and surface free energy by four drops

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