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surface tension meter Manual type

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Features: surface tension meter model A3 is Long and best seller model with reasonable price and specifications. It is new type of manual surface tensiometer

Overview Application Features Specification

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Surface tensiometer model A3 is manual standard version standalone instrument that equipped with analytical balance and high precise positioning stage. It can be used to measure surface tension of liquids based on Wilhelmy plate and Du Noüy ring methods rapidly and simply.

surface tensiometer surface tension meter surface tension measurement instrument

Typical fields of application  of surface tensiometer                                                                   
- Teaching experiment for demonstrating the method for measurement of surface tension
- Quality control: ink, paint, plating fluid, cosmetics and transformer oils, etc.
- Detergent ~ surfactant’s absorbing speed, property, discussion of proper concentration

 Performance Features  of surface tensiometer                                          

² First type of the world that measures surface tension using Wilhelmy plate manually.

² Long and best seller model with reasonable price and specifications

² Analytical balance with fast data update speed and positioning stage with accuracy of 0.01mm  eliminates personal error

² Analytical balance provides higher precise than weighing unit using torsion wire

² Measuring result is real time LED digital readout

² Simple operations with manual and simple calibration with standard weights (50g)

² 3th generation Wilhelmy Plate method presents you the performances below.:

  Variations of surface tension over time in the presence of surfactant.

  Surface tension of medium-to high viscosity liquids (up to about 104105 CP.s)

² Possessing both Wilhelmy plate method and Du Noüy ring methods (Latter method needs manual calculating by Excel file provided from us)

² Standalone. Need not connect to PC.

 Technical Specifications    of surface tensiometer model A3                                  

Measurement method:

Wilhelmy Plate method / Du Noüy Ring method (option)

Measurement range:

0~999.9 mN/m

Max load:





± 1mN/m

Sample stage:

High precise positioning stage

Resolution of stage positioning:


Travel distance:


Data display:

Digital on LED

Measuring time:

1~3 sec. after touching interface (low viscous liquid sample)

Measuring temperature:

Ambient temp.

Sample volume:

min. 15mL or (1mL sample vessel made of PTFE for option)

Data output:


Power supply:

Standard AC100-220V, 50-60Hz, 48W


190 W x 250D x 250H mm


5 kg


 Standard Components                                                              

l  Main body


l  Calibration weight (50g)


l  Holder


l  Alcohol lamp


l  Platinum plate


l  Forceps


l  Glass lab. dish for surface tension


l  Install tool


l  Glass lab. Dish for interface tension


l  Operation manual



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