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  • Dynamic/Static Optical Contact Angle Goniometers

    contact angle meter SL200B, is standard Contact Angle Goniometers based on drop shape analysis, applicable to measure dynamic& static contact angle, surface free energy of solid and its distribution with standard equiped rotation system

    Update time:2012-10-29 Product model:SL200B
  • Contact angle meter & Contact angle goniometer

    SL250 serie can be modularized as Static Contact Angle Meter and Dynamic Contact Angle Meter, Manual dosing system and Automatic Dosing system, Standard WVGA camera and HD camera.

    Update time:2019-01-13 Product model:SL250 Series
  • Dynamic/Static Optical Contact Angle Meter / Interfacial Tensiometer

    contact angle goniometer SL200BⅢ, is standard drop shape analytical systemwith standard equiped rotation system and automatic direct syringe pump, applicable to measure dynamic& static contact angle, surface free energy and its distribution

    Update time:2012-10-29 Product model:SL200BⅢ
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